Thursday, 22 March 2012

Speaking in ENGLISH!!!

  someone say love is happy,someone say love is hurt,to me love is both...sometime it feel happy and sometime it feel hurt but no matter what you say,no matter what your answer i will still and always love you....if you can't accept me be your love pls....accept me your friend again....

first we were just friend then we become bestfriend then we become like a love birds....
but now we were just friend again and why...?oh god pls...let us be together forever...!!!

Remenbering you
make me hurt...:(
(from: solehah radzi)
(i'm a lonely gurlz...)
my love is muqri not mukmin!!! mukmin is my brother in-law.muqri is my husband until die forever!
for mukri:-
tq cause make me know how love feel
i miss you so..........much
i miss the time we were together. you know what!!!you make me really happy,r you happy now?
i want you to know every time i have to make a wish,i just know 1 wish,i wish that we can be together every time,every day and every sec. until i die....and i want to die with you!oh god pls....let us be together forever!
(from:afiqah ariffin)

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